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Our Vision

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About Us

Our High Quality Sets Us Apart

Since buying Westlodge in 2006, our vision has always been to ensure we have the best boarding kennel and cattery facilities in the country.

We have been deeply upset to see the conditions in some licensed facilities that are trusted to look after dearly loved cats and dogs whilst pet parents are away.

We wanted to create a much happier, safer, hygienic, loving and fun place for your precious pets to be cared for.

There's always a very warm welcome from us!

Marc x

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Five Star Accommodation

Star Star Star Star Star

Awarded 5 Stars by

South Cambridgeshire
District Council

South Cambridgeshire District Council

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Fun to Watch

Our Pets' Antics

Many guests love to see our pet donkeys and goats - it's fascinating watching them!

Puppy watching a donkey grazing
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Kate and Lauren holding pygmy goats
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Four pet pygmy goats posing on tyres and logs
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We' re Different

Expertly Designed

When we decided to build our new Boarding Kennels and Cattery in 2009, we sought advice from design experts and pet welfare organisations who care for cats and dogs , many with complex or diverse needs. This ensured our vision for superb care was brought to life - in glorious technicolour!

We're renowned for our dedication to high quality pet accommodation and we're featured in our experts' guides:

Expertly Built

We chose luxury boarding, to make sure we invested in the very best facilities. Our new dog and cat hotel was made and built by highly respected Pedigree Pens Ltd   who have been accredited with the British Standards Certification ISO.

Expert Recordkeeping

Keeping a professional and detailed record of all of our guests allows us to keep a close eye on all their loves, likes and quirks, as well as any medical requirements and behavioural issues.

Going into such detail ensures we can provide the highest level of individual care possible, time and time again.

We use professional pet facility software from British company PetAdmin Ltd   to keep everything in order and immediately accessible. It allows us to spend more time with our guests, which is what we love to do!

Personal Knowledge

Personal Knowledge

Our guests always tell us what they need, enjoy and love. We learn about each guest's preferences and requirements, to make their stay truly personal and thoroughly enjoyable.

It's a daily joy for us too!

Our pet suites are
Spacious, Light
& Bright

and overlook our beautiful gardens.

Our pet suites are
Spacious, Light & Bright
and overlook our beautiful gardens.

Perfect for Pets

Perfect for Pets

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Our Staff

Deeply Caring

It's important to us that our staff are committed to the care of your beloved pets.

We have put in a great deal of our care, time and effort to ensure we have staff with a vast knowledge of dogs and cats and their many different needs.

We want to make their stay with us a wonderful experience and something they look forward to - seeing us again, having adventures, meeting old and new friends, luxuriating in comfort - and happy!


Between us, our kennels staff have a wide range of experience and qualifications. They have all taken courses at the local Animal Care College, some worked for The Blue Cross caring for cats, and some involved in livery.

We look for a deeply caring nature and personality in every member of our team.


Marc, the owner of Westlodge Pet Hotel, with his Golden Retriever in the garden

Marc Wheeldon - Owner

I have owned, rescued and shown dogs for over 20 years. Having owned many breeds including Newfoundlands, St Bernards and Chihuahuas. I have loved them all dearly, but my main passion is Golden Retrievers!

My happy, busy Golden Retrievers are pets, having also worked in the shooting field, as well as being shown in the show ring.

I have 9 Goldens that have accrued top honours over the years, as well as my very own UK Champion.

I also own 2 gorgeous miniature donkeys called Tom and Ted, and have the honour to be the guardian of two beautiful standard donkeys called Beau and Charlie for The Donkey Sanctuary.

Animals are our passion here and we have worked carefully to reflect this in our Pet Hotel.


Kate with her two dogs at the beach

Kate - Facilities Director.

Kate has been with us since 2009.

She started with 2 weeks work experience from school. That led to a weekend job and it was at this point her potential really shone through.

When it was time for her to choose a career, we offered her an apprenticeship and attendance at a day release course through the Animal Care College. She passed with flying colours!

Kate was promoted to Manager in 2012 and more recently to Facilities Director. She continues to offer Westlodge and our guests her care, devotion, know-how and expertise.


Lauren sitting with her dog on a bench

Lauren - Facilities Supervisor.

Lauren has a total passion for animals and is a proud pet parent of her own dog, cat, rabbit and lizard.

Her passion for animals shines through in her work, care and dedication to our clients' pets.

Lauren has been at Westlodge since 2015 and completed a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Animal Care through the College of Animal Welfare.

Lauren's experience and Knowledge is a huge asset to Westlodge Pet Hotel.

Laura, Karri & Lucie

Laura, Karri and Lucie have all built up a wealth of knowledge in caring for our precious pet guests.

Laura has been with us since 2007. Karri's been with us since 2017 and has completed her Level 2 Apprenticeship. Lucie has been with us since 2019 and is currently working through her Apprenticeship.

Happy, Friendly, Caring

As you can see, our staff have a broad range of experience and qualifications in working with animals.

But most of all, we just love caring for pets.

We love it!
Lilac heart

We Love It!
Lilac heart

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I hope we've shown you just how much higher standards of pet care means to us and how much our staff are deeply committed to the care of our beloved pet guests.

So, if you would like to visit us, or if you have any queries (no matter how large or small), please don't hesitate to talk to us.

Make an appointment to see us during our Opening Hours and we will be delighted to walk you through the gardens, play areas and talk you through the care your pet will receive with us.

You will always be welcomed warmly at Westlodge.

Marc x

For further information, or if you have any questions or would like to visit us ~ please feel free to ask me (Marc) or any of the Westlodge Staff for details


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